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The art of Self discovery...Creativity, Healing and Spirituality the Refuge

"Thank you so much for facilitating such deep, profound work.  SoulCollage has been a life-giver for me.  I am so blessed to have found you."  Jaqi

"A safe place for deep exploration and sharing." Ann Hughes, Author:  Soul Connection: A Birthmother's Healing Journey

"I have been creating collages with Sharon for a couple of years now.  It is such a rich experience.  I like getting immediate insightfull and inspired feedback.  Everytime I look at my creations, I feel the warm support of the circle."  What a gift !" Sabrina Raymond

Soul the refuge

"Soul gatherings is an integral part of my life.  Through this magical and sacred circle, I am learning to validate those things that I "see" or "feel."  I am learning to trust my intuition and the messages sent to me by the universe.  Thank you for providing such a special place."  Roz

The Compassionate Friends National Conference: Oklahoma City 2007                         The Art of Healing:  Collage 

Wow!  She was fabulous!  Gentle, compassionate and helped me to introduce a new technique to my group in Indiana.  Thanks Sharon !

I loved the warmth and soft manner of the presenter...her credibility...her acceptance...her knowledge of her topic...excellent !

I loved sharing the collages that we was very healing !

The Compassionate Friends National Conference: Nashville 2008                                       The Art of Healing:  Collage

One of the best sessions I have attended in the past two conference years !

I liked expressing my feelings in a way that I couldn't do with words.

Wow ! Terrific ! Thank you for this new tool that will help me experience my grief !

The Compassionate Friends National Conference: Portland Oregon 2009                           Wisdom Bowls: Meditation

I loved the whole experience - it was amazing !

I so appreciate these healing sessions.  I loved the imagery and the introspection.

Wonderful meditation !  Thank you for the peaceful and healing visit with my daughter in spirit.  My bowl is not broken now !

The Compassionate Friends National Conference: Arlington 2010                                      The Art of Healing:  Collage

It was exciting to be honest with myself about where I am almost five years later.

I was able to express myself through art and share with others, how comforting!

The best part of the workshop was the presenters willingness to show a way to communicate the ineffable.

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors National Conference: May 2012           Open Art Studio

I am inspired to take time for myself and create.  I felt free.

I was able to connect with deep feelings and face some of my fears.

This was my first time collaging.  Wow! Amazing! It was healing talking about our art work.

The Compassionate Friends National Conference:  Minneapolis 2011                          Wisdom Bowls: Meditation

Unexpected revelations. I loved everything about it!  By far the best workshop in my experience here.

Validating, that guided imagery can help to heal my pain.

Love to Sharon and deep thanks for all she gives to others.  I met her five years ago and have remembered her on my journey.

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors National Conference:  November 2013 Soul gatherings Meditation Workshop

I have never meditated before, so this was powerful.  I loved the whole experience.

I had a true healing experience in this workshop.  Sharon is a strong, confident and knowledgeable leader.

I enjoyed the opportunity to "slow down" and do something therapeutic.

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors: Suicide Survivors Conference:  Oct. 2014 Mask Making Workshop:  The Many Masks of Survivors

I came in support of my friend and didn't intend to make a mask - but with Sharon's gentile encouragement I did and I loved it.

I was surprised how I felt while the mask dried on my face - I got real quiet inside - I felt safe and taken care of. I relaxed.

I shared feelings that I have kept hidden - taking the mask off was powerful.  I was able to let go.

Worchester County Health Department:  October 2015                                              Grief and the Expressive Arts

This was one of the best professional development programs we have ever had.

Bring her back next year. This was great. Loved creating and processing.

The grief and bereavement theory came alive through Sharon's personal story and collage images.  Thank you!

Maryland's 25rd. Annual Suicide Prevention Conference:  October 2013                       Art Therapy with Survivors of Suicide

This was experiential and interactive - much better than sitting and listening to a lecture.

Excellent workshop.  I came away with a deeper understanding of art therapy and with a powerful tool for my own self care.

I admired Sharon's ability to share her personal journey and to relate honestly and openly to everyone.