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Soul the Refuge                                                         

"Your visions will become clear when you look inside your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens." Carl Jung

"Love is the fulcrum of this balance."

"When people have intense spiritual experiences, the energy of love is nearly always evoked.  This form of love is unconditional, absolute, and transcendent.  It is like a pulse of pure energy, an energy that also possesses powerful attributes, such as wisdom, compassion, timelessness, and sublime consciousness.  Love is the most basic and pervasive energy that exists.  It is the essence of our being and of the universe.  Love is the fundamental "building block" of nature connecting and unifying all things."                  Brian Weiss, M.D., Messages from the Masters

The Soul gatherings experience arises out of love's stillness and offers us an opportunity to participate in a weekly circle with the intention to maximize the full potential of our intuitive gifts.  The foundation of the circle is based on the belief that we are immortal beings who never die. The soul or consciousness continues to exist after the physical death of the body and so we are never energetically seperated from those we love.  As spiritual beings in human form we embody the multidimensional abilties of inner seeing,  hearing, knowing and sensing. We sit in circle, in a peace filled state of detatched observation and receptivity.  We open to guidance, healing and awakening.  We share our individual "awake dreams" and weave a collective tapestry of wisdom and grace.

"Enough.  These few words are enough.  If not these words, this breadth.  If not this breadth, this sitting here.  This opening to the life we have refused again and again until now. Until now."  David Whyte 

Soul gatherings ~ Times

Wednesdays  ~  From 7:00 to 8:30 PM     

"I listen to my dreams and intuitions.  When I do, things seem to fall into place.  When I do not, something invariably goes awry."  Brian Weiss, M.D., Many Lives, Many Masters                                             

Soul gatherings ~ Fee

$20.00 per circle

Soul gatherings ~ Requirements

Strong Commitment Needed ~ Maximum of ten Participants ~ Consultation and Intake Required

A Weekly Circle for Spiritual and Intuitive Development

~ Develop a strong relationship with your Guides, Teachers and Ancestors. 

~ Learn to govern the sensitivity which comes with altered states of consciousness.

~ Learn the difference between meditation and attunement to spirit.

~ Open to the wisdom of image and the symbolic language of spirit.

~ Learn to attune to the healing energy that is available to all.

~ Develop your ability to open and close your awareness.

~ Learn to move between the dimensions in a safe and sacred space.

~ Learn a devotional practice to support you and allow you to be in each moment.

~ Deepen in dignity, integrety and humility as you align with your Spiritual Self.

~ Learn to trust the voice of your inner knowing as Divine guidance.

~ Develop inner strength and invite the spirit within to manifest in your life.

~ Celebrate through direct experience the sacred interconnectedness of all life.

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