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The art of Self discovery...Creativity, Healing and Spirituality

Sharon's Top 10 Collage Tips

  1. Create a Sacred Space.  If you are able...set up a table in a quiet sunlit space, where you can leave out your magazines, scissors, glue and whatever you are working on.  You will be more inclined to create...when the spirit moves you.
  2. Magazines...use what you Love.  I love Vogue, W, Vanity Fair, Oprah, National Geographic, Time and Diversions.  Explore... travel, baby, wedding, yoga and spiritual magazines too.  Use images, words, colors, forms and textures.
  3. Try Scissors...Notice what it is like to have straight, neat, and clean edges.           Tearing...Notice what it is like to have rough, uncontrolled edges.  What does a collage feel like that has all cut edges?  What does a collage feel like that has all torn edges?  What is it like to combine cut and torn edges in one piece?  Tear out the whole page when you find something that you want to use - that way your magazines will stay in better shape for continued use.
  4. Glue...I like glue sticks because I am able to move things around on the page and even lift something off that I have glued down...if not too much time has passed.  Glue sticks will not give you a permanent museum quality for you collages - however I am not worried about that.  If there are some edges that lift off over time...I just hit it with some more glue and they are fine.  I have also used Mod Podge, Rubber Cement and Yes Paste.  I also find that a very thin layer of clear acrylic's...painted over the completed small collages, mounted on mat board, works very well, and seals the piece.
  5. Materials for mounting your Collage.  I love foam board and mat board.  You may use scraps from a framing place...sometimes they will give it to!  Really anything will do...paper, cardboard, wood...even a shoe box.  Be creative!
  6. Size...let the size be guided by your own inner needs.  If it feels like you want to work big...just go for it.  Sometimes our grief needs a big space to hold it all.  Small is fine can complete a collage in one sitting.  See what feels right.
  7. You cannot do it worng!  There is no one you have to please...only yourself.  This is your creation and it is perfect - just as it is.  You can always glue over something that you do not like.  You can always tear off something, and change it.  The most powerful parts of my collages...are the parts that I thought were a mistake.  Just continue to work with it and see...there is usually a gift in it!
  8. I always begin by closing my eyes for a moment and allowing my awareness to rest in my I ask - what am I feeling now...what is wanting to come through me and into my creation.  I breathe and allow myself to be held in my creative process.  I let go of all my thoughts and allow my heart to guide me.
  9. Title and Date each of your collages.  You will be amazed at the transformation and healing that takes place over time!
  10. Have fun - play wonderful music - enjoy the process of creation!  The Art of Healing...loss, grief and grace.  That is a blessing!

Copywright 2016 All Rights Reserved: Sharon Strouse