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Sample Bereavement Workshops and Professional Presentations

"There is no way to grieve, only your way.  Grief is hard work and there is no way around it only through it" 

Mitch Carmody, Letters to my Son: A Journey Through Grief.

Artful Grief / Collage

Sharon will share her own journey of healing grief through the creative process of collage making.  She will present pieces of her own art work, take you into the depths of horror and hope that arose from her loss.  You will see images that reflect fragmentation, chaos, reorganization, integration, forgiveness and healing.  Participants will have the opportunity to experience the transformational use of images in healing through the making of their own collages.  Come prepared to select pictures and words from magazines.  Cut, paste, arrange and embellish your own creation and discover the powerful images of your own personal journey that opens you to healing.  No talent required, only the willingness to be in your heart, for "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Sample of Sharon's Collage Images:


Educational Objectives:

1.  Experience and understand how torn and cut pieces of paper, words and images used in the construction of collages can reflect the experiences of traumatic loss, and provide an opportunity to share that which is unspeakable.  This increases communication skills and provides an opportunity to be seen and heard.

2.  Experience and understand the creative process of collage making as a safe, sacred and silent act in which conscious and unconscious feelings are explored and ultimately healed.  This increase insight and mastery.

3.  Distinguish the difference between traditional verbal therapies and a creative art therapy approach to healing grief, in which the art product serves as a permanent visual record of the healing process.  This provides perspective and increases identity and self esteem.

Workshop Presentation: 90 minutes  (can be adjusted according to need)

  1. Presentation of Sharon's personal Collage work - 15 minutes
  2. Opportunity for questions -                                   5 minutes
  3. Participants make their own collages -                 35 minutes
  4. Sharing of collages and questions -                      25 minutes
  5. Clean up and complete evaluation forms -            10 minutes

 Materials Needed:

I will need tables and chairs.

I will need two or three magazines for each participant.

I will provide paper, glue sticks and scissors.

"The beauty of life is, while we cannot undo what is already done, we can see it, understand it, learn from it and change so that every moment is spent not in regret, guilt, fear or anger, but in wisdom, understanding and love."  Jennifer Edwards

Wisdom Bowls...the inner journey of healing

Sharon will share a powerful tool for mending what has been shattered through loss in Wisdom Bowls...the inner journey of healing.  She offers you a transformational experience through guided imagery, the creation of a form that reflects your old story and new story, and the healing opportunity of sharing and being witnessed in the profound expression of Self.  Come prepaired to experience the silent place in your heart, access a personal image reflecting your inner wisdom, create, share and heal.  Only your willingness required !

Educational Objectives:

1.  Experience and understand the use of guided imagery in the process of healing.

2.  Have an Art Therapy / creative experience as an alternative modality for healing.

3.  Have a permanent and tangible record of their old and new story which supports the healing process.

Workshop Presentation: 90 Minutes  (can be adjusted according to need)

  1. Guided imagery and inner journey experience             40 minutes
  2. Create your personal Wisdom Bowl                            10 minutes
  3. Share you Wisdom Bowls and old and new story          30 minutes
  4. Clean up and complete evaluation forms                     10 minutes

Materials Needed:

I will need chairs set up in a circle.

I will need a table set up for art supplies.

I will need a CD player.

I will provide paper, colored pencils and markers.

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